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cat on a hot tile roof repair

Florida State Licensed, Certified
License Number CCC1328080
Serving Central Florida
We specialize in Tile Roof Leak Repair and Restoration Work


Okay, your tile roof is leaking (any roof for that matter) 
and your ceiling is sagging, dripping and stained...
it looks like it will collapse any moment.....

Here's what to do.... 
if you want to keep your ceiling from collapsing...
It's not a guarantee, but it usually works:

  1. First put a bucket below the middle of the stain...
    or....drippy area....this is in the middle of the stain or sag in the dry wall ceiling
  2. Take a screwdriver and punch a small hole all the way through the drywall
  3. Be prepared for water to come quickly out of the hole and into your bucket
  4. Adjust the location of your bucket if necessary
  5. Empty bucket as necessary
  6. Call the Tile Roof Specialists to come and check it out as soon as possible

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The Tile Roof Specialists
  Call 1-800-306-4869  

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