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1481 Wingate Drive Deland, Florida -  Volusia County FL
Tile Roof Leak Repair -- Concrete Cement Flat LifeTile
Main Problem: 
Tile Roof with bad leak in valley at rear of home.


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coffey1.jpg (65331 bytes)

Marshall points to a problem area where felt was torn.


After the bottom valley metal was removed, Marshall is shown removing the upper metal


Tiles were labeled and stacked on the lower roof while repairs were made


Here is an example of torn felt under the valley metal



Here torn felt areas are circled with chalk.


After the repairs to the under-layment were complete,
the metal was replaced and sealed along the edge.
Tops of the battens were also sealed.


Here the tiles are replaced and job is about finished.

Additional Items:

  • Caulking was done along the flashing near the corner of the valley and along the wall toward the window.

  • Where the slope comes to the nearly flat portion of the roof, the flashing was a bit rusty and had a few holes which we sanded and caulked.

  • Four cracked tiles were repaired and sprinkled to make them look aged.


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