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1720 Sky Hawk Ct. Spruce Creek Fly-in
Port Orange, Florida

Ken Renner at Spruce Creek Fly-in Realty

Main Problems are: Many leaks around valleys with rotted wood and
also above both airplane hangars on the flat roofs there were leaks.

10 Leaks in all and rotted wood in four places.
Below are some of the pictures taken on the job site:

The worst leak was near the valley but it showed up in  the home in the dinning room
Here is what the valley looked like just after removal of the tiles:

After tiles and metal removed

The leak area: the previous roofer did not seal the edge of the new roofing material
that was installed.....peel back the edge and you see the problem

The wet and stained wood underneath ---This was all repaired

The valley metal is being replaced

The tiles are replaced and it looks great


Below this valley, the wood was rotted and replaced, copper gutters
had to be cut and removed and then re-installed.


Near the portico, the valley leaked and rotted rafters, fascia, and deck: before and after below