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2220 Oak Hill Dr.  Deland, Florida

Main Problem: leak in the bathroom and broken/slipped/shifted tiles.

This is the problem area above the bathroom

Another view with arrow pointing to problem area - 
this photo reveals that there is an tremendous amount of rain water 
converging on this one spot.


In the problem area, the chalk marks show where flashing is inadequate 
and wood is actually visible.
Below after the flashing is removed we can see how easy water could get behind 
the under-layment and  intrude into the home.

These edges were all sealed all the way up to and under the counter flashing.
Then the tiles and lead flashing were replaced.


This view shows a different problem, the counter flashing. 
With the tremendous amount of water gushing through this area during a hard rain, 
we felt that water could be going up under the counter flashing 
and intruding into the home.
This was corrected by sealing the lower edges of the counter flashing.


Uh-Oh, something we missed:

The real problem turns out to be a critter nesting and eating the under-layment 
just a couple of feet from where we first worked.


Sadie and Jack came out to say goodbye and good job!


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