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Main problem: Leaks near fireplace in living room and at
ridge in cathedral ceiling.
This is a Monier Villa concrete tile roof

In front of the chimney before we did anything

After we take off the tiles, we see debris from either initial installation or from storms.
Note the arrow points to torn flashing

Close up of torn flashing

When we lift up the torn flashing, we see that the under-layment is short
and we can actually see the roof deck.

When we lift up the remainder of the flashing we can see that the roof deck is exposed all along the
chimney but note that it is stained from the torn flashing area down, this is the leaky area.

Here you can see the area now repaired.
1. Under the flashing - sealed
2. Along the tops of the wooden battens - sealed
3. Sealed the top of the flashing just as an extra caution.

The tiles are back on and looks original.
Note the cracking on the face of the chimney, nothing bad
but we sealed all of the cracks after this photo was taken.


The ridge and both sides of roof over the cathedral ceiling:

As soon as the ridge is removed we see a significant problem. A hole in the under-layment.

Close up of the hole, right where the roof decks come together.

East side tiles are removed.

East side is repaired. Tops of all battens are sealed, nail holes sealed,
and you can see the ridge has been repaired.

West side tiles are removed after east side tiles have been replaced.

Close up of nail hole

Example of where tiles were not nailed on but you can see old nail holes in the batten.

We repaired the west side, same as the east, replaced the tiles and here you see the
ridge being re-assembled and the job is just about complete.

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