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600 White St. Daytona Beach, Florida

This is concrete tile.

Main problems are 6 leaks and also rotted wood.

Image 1:  Leak over dining room.  This image shows the cracks in the under-layment that were first discovered.

Below shows the area on 7/19/07 after 3 different spots were repaired and tiles replaced

Image 2

Image 3
This image shows the three spots repaired and the order of their repair


Image 4
Top of "flat" roof over bathroom and hallway
Notice that the top of the roll roofing is not sealed and Marshall is pointing to the cracks
along the old roofing under the newest roof over.
Below is a close up of the same spot:

Image 5


Image 6
This picture shows the side nearest the chimney


Image 7
The area was sealed and cemented, nailed and then later these edges were sealed again
with roof cement and membrane


Image 8
Our recommendation is that this down spout be re-routed so that it does not drain 
directly onto the roof.

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