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Orlando Area Tile Roof Repair
Tile Roof Repair Lake Nona, Sanford, Lake Mary, Orlando and surrounding areas.
Including (among many others) Village Walk, Heathrow, Wingfield, Magnolia Plantation and Sweetwater

florida roof repair tile roof leaks Note: We only work on Tile Roofs tile roof repair florida palm coast new smyrna spruce creek
Please don't call about any other type of roof

Serving All of Central Florida 
State Certified and Insured
State certified means we are licensed to work anywhere in the State of Florida
 Florida State licensed, Certified and Insured  
License Number CCC1328080 

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Since 1985
Serving All of Central Florida
  We Specialize in Tile Roof Leak Repair
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We have real references in your neighborhood.
Anywhere in the Orlando area including: 
Lake Nona, Sanford, Lake Mary, Longwood 
Including Village Walk, Heathrow, Wingfield, Magnolia Plantation and Sweetwater among others.

"We have earned a 1st Class Reputation and plan to keep it that way!"    

  Steve Oxier            and       Marshall Hoerl 
Because You Have A Tile Roof....Your needs are Special

We specialize in tile roof leak repairs.   100% Guaranteed!
Most roofers work on a tile roof just a few times a year!
We work on tile roofs every single day of the year! 
Since 1985 - over 35 years!  

We started our business in 1985 doing tile roof repair in the Orlando area which has expanded into many suburbs including tile roof Repair 
in Lake Nona, Sanford, Lake Mary, and Longwood.
It is difficult to locate roofers with actual tile roof experience in Lake Nona, Sanford, and Lake Mary, 
we have over 35 years of daily tile roof repair (yes, we work on tile roofs everyday) especially leak repair. 
So, we decided to open our business to repair tile roofs in Orlando 
and in surrounding areas as Orlando grew now serving Lake Nona, Sanford, Longwood and Lake Mary among others.
Including Village Walk, Heathrow, Wingfield, Magnolia Plantation and Sweetwater
It's still us, the same family who operates and runs this business and it will be us who comes to your home
to look at your roof....and it will be us who does the repair.
Us means: Steve & Marshall, doing the work ourselves....we do not, ever, subcontract.

We do the work ourselves!
Since 1985 - over 37 years 
That's a lot of experience and with the same 
 phone number we had in 1985.

We want to be your roofer for life! 
We're prompt, courteous, friendly and dependable!

We have earned a 1st Class Reputation! 
Accredited Members of BBB of Central Florida

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Call: 800-306-4869   or   407-298-1117 
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Serving Central Florida
Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Flagler Counties
Lake Nona, Sanford, and Lake Mary Tile Roof Repair
Tile Roof Repair in Lake Nona, Sanford, Lake Mary and all of Central Florida.


Since 1985 = 37 Years!
That's 74 years combined experience!

Our Territory 

Tile Roof Repair in Lake Nona, Sanford, and Lake Mary and the greater Orlando area.
Lake Nona, Sanford, and Lake Mary Tile Roof Repair
We serve all of Central Florida

We specialize in 
Tile Roof Leak Repair and Restoration Work

  Call 1-800-306-4869  
or 407-298-1117 (the same phone number since 1985)

Residential and Commercial
Call anytime for an estimate, inspection, or advice.

Estimates are Usually Free
but, depending on the circumstances...
we may rarely charge a fee to be deducted from bill if hired.

We offer a complete tile roof service 
and a great customer experience!

  • We humbly suggest that we offer the unsurpassed "Old Fashioned Customer Service" 
    which is hard to find in today's marketplace..
  • Friendly, Reliable, Service...we think you'll see the difference right away.
  • Leak Repairs......100 percent guaranteed! 
  • Tile Roof Repair, Leak Repair, Maintenance, Advice and Inspections.
  • Replacement or Repair of Broken Tiles
  • Yes! We can match your existing tiles
  • With proper maintenance, your tile roof should give you a lifetime 
    of beauty and keep your home moisture free
  • All of our work is guaranteed
  • List of references is available by clicking on References
  • Note: We do not clean tile roofs nor do we paint or seal them.

We are experts at:
Tile Roof Repair
Leak Repair 

  • Your roof protects everything you hold dear. 
    It must not leak and when it does you are going to want it fixed right. 
  • You need confidence in the company repairing your roof.
  • You already know that a tile roof is different from all other types of roofs.
  • The plain truth is that most roofers work on a tile roof just a few times a year and you can see what you might get with an inexperienced roofer here: unacceptable roof repair example.
  • But there are many honest and talented roofers in the area, but finding them is the hard part, and while they may be very well experienced at other kinds of roofs, we specifically work on tile roofs every day, year in and year out, and have over 35 years experience doing just that. 
  • You wouldn't call a dermatologist if you were having heart trouble and you don't want an asphalt shingle company working on your tile roof where it is essential for you to have an experienced company to do these crucial repairs.
  • You can be sure that we understand your roof and we know what to do to solve your problems.
  • We offer a unique customer experience. 
    It is a total experience, from the first call until your problems are solved, we are total professionals.

-------------- We only work on Tile Roofs  ---------------
Please do not call about other types of roofs.
Tile Roof Repair in Lake Nona, Sanford, and Lake Mary 
Lake Nona, Sanford, and Lake Mary 
Including tile roof repair in The Village Walk, Heathrow, 
Wingfield, Magnolia Plantation and Sweetwater

We can serve you anywhere in central Florida
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  • Over the years one thing is clear, every tile roof has it's own......well, let's just call it "personality". 
    While all tile roofs are similar, they are all in one way or another different, and that variety is one of the things makes our job so challenging and enjoyable.
  • Our most enjoyable part of this business is solving our customer's problems. Afterwards we will part as friends and say hello with a smile when we see you again.
  • When it comes down to the tile roof repair, one of the most difficult parts of examining a tile roof is determining which part of the roof needs repairs, or occasionally,  if it needs to be entirely replaced. 
  • In most cases a roof replacment not required. 
  • In fact, we rarely see a tile roof that needs to be replaced!
  • Our combined experience of over 70 years specializing in tile roofs gives us the professional expertise to give you an honest opinion by doing a thorough roof inspection.
  • While weather-related damage poses the most impacting threat of damage to roofs, other factors, over time, will cause the roof to naturally wear. 
  • Whatever the case there are many many factors to consider.
  • You should choose only certified and licensed roofing contractors in order to protect yourself and your home. 
  • We will be glad to appraise your roof and select appropriate materials and supplies to do the proper repairs.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the tiles on your roof are not what actually protects your home from moisture intrusion during rains and wind.
  • Under the tiles is your real protection and this is usually called the "under-layment" or "base sheet". This is what is laid out to cover the actual wood decking of your roof and then the tiles are installed over top of this. Along with flashings (metal used around difficult areas like valleys and vent pipes) the base sheet(s) is your real protection. Also called the sub roof.
  • The sub roof can be anything from felt (sometimes called tar-paper - it comes in various weights or thickness) to granular roll roofing which looks like regular shingles but comes in a large roll....or peel and stick sub roof. 
  • Tiles may be attached to the under-layment and roof deck by various methods: nailed on, screwed on, foam adhesive, mudded (using mortar mix), or nailed or screwed to battens (strips of wood that go over top of the under-layment.
  • In Florida tile roof repair is especially important as tile roofs are subject to many problems. 
    Because of heavy rains and wind, hurricanes and tropical storms, it takes regular inspections and maintenance to keep your home free of moisture damage.
  • Moisture intrusion can cause serious problems, such as: mold, rotted wood, and termite or ant infestations which can lead to hugely expensive repairs. 
  • It is a good idea to have your roof checked regularly to make sure it is in good condition.

    The Good News
  • The good news is that a tile roof is the best choice in Florida because most damage to roofs is caused by the rays of the sun. 
  • Since the tiles on tile roofs are designed to cover the base sheet -  or sub roof, the sun is not able to penetrate, and cause damage to the under-layment. The sun is what destroys a roof so a tile roof  the shaded sub roof has a much longer lifetime.
  • That is why tile roofs can last 2-5 decades. You'll really never get a guarantee like that with a new roof but we have a customer in Winter Park with the original roof from 1930's.
  • Problems occur regardless of the age of the roof. Young roof or old, "stuff happens" and you see a leak.
  • If you live in Lake Nona, Sanford, Longwood, Lake Mary or anywhere in Central Florida and you need your tile roof repaired and  want an honest opinion, call us or email!
  • Note: If you have a leak or any stains on the ceilings of your home or anywhere along the eaves or soffit (the exposed underside of the edge of your roof) or fascia (the horizontal board that's nailed across the face of the eave to conceal the rafter tails (rain gutters, if used, are typically attached to the fascia) outside of your home...... 
    You should take action immediately to prevent further damage.
  • Broken tiles, roof vents (stacks), valleys, eaves (overhang) and the chimney are common areas where we find problems with Tile Roofs.

    Call for an estimate or advice.

    Call toll free now: 800-306-4869
  • Email us right now:  steve@floridatileroof.com
    Include your address, description of problem, phone numbers and best time to call.
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  • Don't pay twice for the same roof repair
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Tile Roof Repair Lake Nona, Sanford, and Lake Mary or the Orlando area
Lake Nona, Sanford, and Lake Mary and the Orlando area Tile Roof Repair (specializing in leak repair)

Including Village Walk, Heathrow, Wingfield, Magnolia Plantation and Sweetwater
We serve all of Central Florida