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  Weather/Schedule Notices 

"Even the morning dew is treacherous."

Please read this to understand what 
happens to us and our schedule during stormy times.

If you do not know your scheduled date..
Call or Email:

Scroll down for more details 
about weather scheduling.

The Rainy Season 
Usually begins early to mid June
Lasts until early November

  • During this time of year, the rain causes delays and frustration.
  • Here's a quote from last year: 
    "It's difficult to maintain the schedule right now. It has rained almost every day and in the mornings too. It seems everyday we have to reschedule jobs and estimates."
  • With the exception of Tropical Storms and Cyclones, the weather forecast for this period of time is likely daily afternoon storms. 
  • Be patient, we will try to follow the schedule and we'll let you know if there are any changes.
  • Roofers with good reputations should be very busy this time of year. 
  • Please read the information below for a better explanation of why a wet tile roof is hazardous. 

Thank you for your patience!

If you do not know your scheduled date
call or email:


Click here to see what you can do 
before the roofer gets there

Please read below:

Weather Notice To Our Customers
and Potential Customers

  • One of the benefits of working with a small company like ours is our personal service.                       
    Your complete satisfaction is our objective! 
  • But it can also mean that you have to wait longer for us to get to you especially during rainy periods. During the rainy season, our service is in high demand 
  • Above all else you are assured of a proper repair, a quality relationship and a guarantee that you can count on.  
  • Sometimes the weather is allowing only a few hours to work before rain begins or the threat is so great we must stop or not start in the first place.

  • Note: When it rains we cannot work. 

  • We can't even safely walk on a tile roof when it is wet.
    Even the morning dew is treacherous.

  • While you can walk on a shingle roof wet or dry, a tile roof needs to be dry before we can safely go up. Tiles get very slippery when they are wet.

  • Also a Tile Roof does not dry out as fast because the tiles cover up the wet "under-layment".

Even the threat of rain creates
a dilemma for a roofer

  • If we decide to open up your roof to fix it and then it starts to rain......the result could be disastrous.
    Your home could be inundated with rainwater.

  • In our 30 years, we have never allowed this to occur.

  • We respect the weather and know that even in this day and age, it is still unpredictable. We err on the safe side and we think you'd be glad to know that.

  • Naturally every time we have rain, or a "rain out", we have to change our schedules.....
    .......not an easy task during the rainy season, we can assure you. And we are always so sorry to cause schedule disruptions for our customer.

  • We know that your roof protects everything you own and that a roof leak is stressful and can be frightening and you just want it fixed.
  • Because we have a good reputation and we only work on tile roofs we find that there is a high demand for our services. 
    We are thankful! (and proud)
    that so many home owners want us to repair their be their "roofer for life" and also refer us to their friends and associates.
  • We wish we could be at your side at a moments notice but that is not always possible.
  • We are a small company and we ask for your patience, we will get to you as fast as we can, we will change the schedule as little as possible and always try to work with your schedule as well.
  • We want to help you....we want to be your roofer forever....we want to be the one you call when you have a tile roof problem.
  • If you do not feel comfortable waiting for us, not hesitate to call another qualified roofer.
  • We only hope that your problem will be properly resolved since that is your and our goal.

    Marshall & Steve
  • We have guidelines to help you in case of a bad leak and you fear your ceiling may fall down: 
    Click here to see what you can do before the roofer gets there

    Please be patient we will get to you soon!
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Florida State Licensed, Certified
License Number CCC1328080
Serving Central Florida
We specialize in Tile Roof Leak Repair and Restoration Work

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