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cat on a hot tile roof repair

Florida State Licensed, Certified
License Number CCC1328080
Serving Central Florida
We specialize in Tile Roof Leak Repair and Restoration Work

Real Estate Inspection and Consulting
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When it's time to sell your home or if you are 
buying a home and a tile roof is involved. 
Your needs are special!
We have the skill set to determine the condition of an existing tile roof 
because we have worked on tile roofs everyday since 1985.

We only inspect and consult on tile roofs.

Whether you are you are an agent, a seller, or a buyer, 
the tile roof is going to become an issue at some point.



Why do you need Tile Roof Specialists?

1. We do the inspection/consulting ourselves, we do not sub contract.
2. Other home inspectors know very little about tile roofs.
3. Other inspectors will probably use a ladder to view the roof without getting on the roof. They may use  binoculars or a drone to look at your roof because they do not even have the experience to walk on the roof. 
If you don't have the experience to even walk on a tile roof, how can you say you are expert enough to do a thorough inspection?
We have walked on tile roofs daily since 1985. 
We go on the roof for a first hand look at every aspect of the roof.     
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