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Tile Roof Specialists
What You Get -- Superior Service

  • Before we offer you a proposal to do the work on your roof, we have already done the preliminary work to determine what needs to be done. As in any profession after 30 years we have a pretty good routine and abilities to go with it.
  • We show up prepared to do whatever it takes to solve the problems you hire us to solve and what we have agreed to in our proposal.
  • The price on the proposal you receive is the price you pay unless you request additional work to be performed.
  • While we can't say never, it is highly unlikely that we would knock on your door after the job has started and tell you that there is a bigger problem requiring more money.
  • This is a too common procedure used by many contractors. The workers have taken tiles off and your roof is exposed, then you are told it is going to cost more due to “unforeseen” problems. What do you do now?
    With your roof exposed to the weather you really have little choice at a time like that.
  • Or the contractor may use an “escalation clause” (where the price can go up as the job goes along, tantamount to giving the roofer a blank check).
    You will never find an “escalation clause” in our proposal.
  • Our company is responsible: we combine our decades of experience, with our state certification license, and one million dollars in liability insurance.
  • You may not be aware that when you sign a contract with the “Bob's Roofing” salesman (who drove up in a nice shiny truck and spoke well for himself),
    ....................they may legally sub-contract your project out to another roofing company.
  • The folks who actually show up at your house (possibly in a beat up old pick-up truck) and go up on the roof may be people you have never met and they may or may not even speak your language if you try to converse with them.
  • The person who came and gave you the estimate may not be available for your questions or concerns.
  • This is when you get a sinking feeling....and start wondering what is going on up there.
    Will your roof be better or worse when these people leave?
    What happens if one of the workers gets hurt while on your roof?
    What happens if your home gets damaged during the repair process?
  • We are certainly not saying that there are not excellent roofing companies that can do a satisfactory job (there are many) but the overwhelming majority of roofing contractors do not have regular experience on tile roofs. We are on tile roofs everyday.
    If they are listing all kinds of roofing types...they are not specialists.
  • Unlike most companies, we do not ask for any upfront payment.
    We only want to be paid after we have completed the project.
  • We show up when we say we’re coming and stay on the job until it is completed. Sure it is difficult during the rainy season to keep a schedule.
    See: Rainy-Season-Storm-Notice
  • We will never be the most “competitive” bidder on a job and we don’t offer a proposal based on "time and materials" or hourly basis. That may be fine for a deck, window repair, or air conditioner, but this type of roof repair is not a "cut and dry" process.
    It's not an exact science. 
  • Usually you can't see what is being done on your roof.
    A tile roof repair is complex and in addition to the actual repair to be done,
    there are a myriad of problems that are actually created when the tiles are removed.
  • It is the attention to these details that can mean the difference between a successful roof repair and a satisfied customer……or your roof might be in worse condition after the “repair” than it was before.
  • You can feel confident when you hire Tile Roof Specialists.
    Steve and Marshall - we actually do all of the work ourselves - we do not send over a crew.
    We’re human and we are not “perfect”, but you will not have to worry since we always give our iron clad guarantee and stand behind our work.

We are proud of our decades of superior service and our satisfied clientele.

We are a “total package” company and want to be your roofer for life.

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  License Number CCC1328080        Call 1-800-306-4869

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Florida State Licensed, Certified
License Number CCC1328080
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