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Squirrels are causing real problems! 


What damage can a cute, little, furry squirrel do?
Well lately we've been seeing so much squirrel damage 
that it almost seems like a conspiracy.

Bad Bad Squirrel

Squirrel ate this roof under-layment causing a bad leak


More damage causing leaks


Squirrel ate this lead flashing around stack vent


Ocala Squirrels caused all of this damage top and below


Dead squirrel under tile in Lake Mary


Squirrel ate this hole in Longwood home causing leak


Almost nothing is left of the under-layment where this squirrel had his way


Squirrel eats through lead flashing


Under the tiles in Palm Coast
Here is the squirrel, apparently he got trapped and tried to eat his way out causing a considerable leak.


Bad squirrel damage (there was a nest here) causing leak at chimney-fireplace


Another squirrel nest that caused a leak




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