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Florida State Licensed, Certified
License Number CCC1328080
Serving Central Florida
We specialize in Tile Roof Leak Repair and Restoration Work


Leak Repair Guarantee

Our warranty period is for one year from the date of the original repair work.
If the leak repair fails, we will return at no charge and repair it again.
If the leak continues after that, we can make more attempts to repair or we may decide to issue a full refund.

The re-leak must be reported in a timely way.

The warranty commits our company only to fixing leaks, we are not liable for damage to the insulation or roof deck caused by the leak. Our warranty also excludes “consequential damages” — other damage done to the facility as a result of a leak.

We need to be told right away if the leak continues.

The reality is that most leaks go unreported for months until a serious problem occurs. Don't wait to report a re-leak until wallpaper is peeling or a ceiling falls, this is required in the warranty. 
Our position is quite understandable.
What could have been a small problem could be causing much more damage as time goes on.

More below:

Roof leak repair is not an exact science, leak diagnosis can sometimes be very tricky and there are occasions when a leak that we thought we
That is why we guarantee our leak repairs.
Tile Roof Specialists warrants leak repairs for a period of 1 year from the project completion date, any re-occurrence of a leak due to defective material and/or
insufficient repair:
We will return and repair at no additional cost to customer.

We will always respond as promptly as possible but our homeowner/customer understands that we are a 2 person company and in busy times there will be a waiting period.
Priority is always given to an emergency leak situation.

Warranty is Excluded:
When a roof repair area has been disturbed by another party.
Storm damage ("Acts of God") affects the area of repair.
When there has not been proper maintenance of the repaired areas of
the roof. (leaf build up, etc.)
Any damages or mold or mildew caused by the original leak or any re-leak.
When there is rodent infestation in the area of repair.




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